My Collection

You can download my collection of erotic postcards here. This is what you get:

  • 8,900 postcards or similar erotic photos

  • approx 1900-1930

  • risqué adult subject matter: nude or semi-nude; but no hardcore

  • no duplicates, though there are different versions of some cards - eg, different colours

  • no Gracie's Grannies watermark or other spoilers

  • sorted by publisher, when known, and by series

  • see Gracie's samples

Earn Rewards

Gracie wants to share "the best vintage erotica collection on the web."

I'm always looking for ways to expand my collection. If you'd like to send me scanned usable postcards, I will reward you at the rate of $2 per 100. A 'usable postcard' means:

  • sharp focus, good quality scan

  • sized to 1,400 px longer side

  • publisher's mark and series number readable

  • no watermarks or spoilers

  • royalty free

  • doesn't duplicate a card in Gracie's collection

  • fits into an existing Gracie's Grannies publisher category

  • nude model; no hardcore

  • you must have a PayPal or UK bank account

  • Gracie's decision is final

  • your next step: contact me

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